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Hello. My name is Ankita Makraria.. After post graduating in Master of Business Administration with Marketing as my specialisation, I joined the "Corporate World". I was part of the rat race for nearly 4 years, when it struck me that I am not meant for it. However, till then the damage was done. I started having anxiety issues. I couldn't withstand the stress. I spent most of my nights overthinking about everything. I left the job and decided to pursue my passion in dance. I became a licensed Zumba instructor in July 2015, and have been teaching since then. I am a free lancer. So the stress as compared to the corporate world is less. I still have anxieties. However, I AM HEALING. Recently I found traveling to be the second best thing, after dance, that helps me to be a better version of myself. It keeps me calm and focussed. Join me on my journey to find joy and happiness in small yet important things in LIFE.